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Made fresh daily and served with Syrian bread and your choice of Salad dressings: Creamy House, Regular Greek House, Bleu Cheese, Caesar,Lite Italian or Oil and Vinegar

Tossed Salad                                                                   6.99

Tuna over Tossed Salad                                                 9.49

Chicken salad over Tossed Salad                               9.49

Seafood over Tossed Salad                                           9.49

Greek Salad                                                                        7.49

Caesar Salad                                                                     6.99

Antipasto Salad                                                                 9.49

Capicola ham, Genoa salami and provolone cheese piled over our house tossed salad


Chef Salad                                                                         9.49

Sliced turkey breast, imported ham, american cheese piled over our house tossed salad Chicken Kabob salads (Charbroiled marinated chicken tenders over your choice of salad)

Power Mix 8.99

Arugula, Mixed Greens, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Carrots & Avocado


(Chicken Kabob over Tossed salad)                            9.98

(Chicken Kabob over Greek salad)                             10.48

(Chicken Kabob over Caesar salad)                            9.98

Steak Tip Salad(Charbroiled marinated juicy tips over your choice of salad)


(Steak Tips over Tossed salad)                                    10.98

(Steak Tips over Greek salad)                                       11.48

(Steak Tips over Caesar salad)                                    10.98

Buffalo tenders salad (Crispy chicken tenders, smothered in our buffalo sauce)


Buffalo Fingers Over Tossed Salad                              9.98

Buffalo Fingers Over Greek Salad                               10.48

Buffalo Fingers Over Caesar Salad                               9.98

(Turkey Tips over Tossed salad)                                     9.98

(Turkey Tips over Greek salad)                                    10.48

(Turkey Tips over Caesar salad)                                     9.89


(Teriyaki Chicken  over Tossed salad)                            9.98

(Teriyaki Chicken over Greek salad)                               10.48

(Teriyaki Chicken  over Caesar salad)                           9.98


(Honey BBQ Chicken  over Tossed salad)                            9.98

(Honey BBQ Chicken  over Greek salad)                               10.48

(Honey BBQ Chicken  over Caesar salad)                             9.98


(Salmon over Tossed salad)                           12.98

(Salmon over Greek salad)                               13.48

(Salmon over Caesar salad)                             12.98

Extra Dressing                                                              0.75


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we serve a variety of dishes to satisfy every ones hunger.  From Salads to Subs, Platter dinners and even kids meals!
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